Kathleen Wise 6-18_623_edit

Photo by Hunter Canning

Welcome to my website where I get to tell you about myself.  I am an artist, writer, and directer.  I have performed in theaters all over the country as well as in many independent films and TV.  My directorial film debut, Sanctuary, recently premiered at the Montana Film Festival, and my feature screenplay A Round Tuit was short listed for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.  I hold an MFA from NYU Grad Acting, and a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, during which time I spent a year abroad studying dance in Paris and West African dance and art in Senegal.  Born and raised in Cincinnati, I have been based in NYC for the past 15 years, as well as Los Angeles, but mostly gypsying around the world from one gig to the next.  I am also a painter, singer, and cellist.  Please enjoy the photos, clips, and links to my current resumé,  Thanks for you interest.